Yet Another Law School Discussion Update

It’s been two weeks since the first day of the bar exam, and I think I’m fully recovered. Now I’m facing the strange situation of having nothing to do (nothing to study at least), and thus I turn my attention to the web (of course).
I’ve been addicted to improving Law School Discussion over the last few days, but you’d hardly know it. I spent an entire day moving the site to a new server which should better deal with the 40+ GB of daily traffic. I learned that SQL databases are both easy and hard to move – easy because they’re smartly designed and hard because they can get to be too big for my measly technological resources.
I also upgraded the message board software to the brand new SMF 1.0 forum, the first non-beta release of SMF, and I fixed some style issues so the site looks nice in Firefox, which is fast becoming my browser of choice. (“The only true browser,” says Nick Aster, who showed me this awesome toolbar which lets one edit style sheets in real time.) I’m still working on some changes to the forum interface to make things a little easier to use and a little more compact.
Of this stuff, you care not, but it’s been my life for a few days and I felt like sharing.