Wireless Leiden

By now everyone knows the advantages of wireless internet access. For companies like Verizon, wireless is a new market and a new opportunity to make some money. For companies like McDonalds, wireless is a way to get some press attention and appear to be “cutting edge”. (Perhaps McDonalds should abandon its wireless initiative and adopt a technology that might actually be useful to their customers. See yesterday’s innovation: the Chipknip.)
Wireless internet, besides being convenient and (lets admit it) really cool, also has another huge advantage over wires: it’s cheap. The affordability of wireless internet enables access to spread to areas where it was otherwise financially prohibited. Imagine a non-profit organization seeking to harness wireless technology to connect an entire city to the internet at little or no cost to the users. That would be something like Wireless Leiden.
I was never able to get a signal while living in Leiden, but I love the idea and I wish them success.