Wirefly is Legit

RAZRI got a new cell phone (a RAZR no less) from Wirefly… and it really was free! It’s understandable that someone would approach a cell phone website with “too good to be true” offers with some skepticism, but I’m a skeptic who dares to test the hypothesis.
Some things did go wrong along the way:
(1) Text message that the phone was activated woke me up in the middle of the night – and T-Mobile charged me $0.22 to receive it.
(2) I “bought” two phones. The first rebate took the usual four weeks to receive. The second was rejected for missing papers but reissued after a follow up (I swear the two envelopes were the same).
(3) Most frustrating: I clicked a link in a garbled html-to-text email and found a screen thanking me for adding “device protection” for $100. Two phone calls, three emails (the final one threatening reports to the BBB and FTC), and two months later I finally received a refund.
Overall, I’m very pleased with Wirefly. Only the third problem was really their fault, and I undertook just as much effort as I would have in trying to sort this stuff out at a franchised cell phone store front. (I once witnessed a Sprint store employee telling a customer that she needed to call Sprint’s customer service line to get help. The customer called from within the store and was clearly upset that even the customer service line couldn’t help. Then the cops showed up… (okay, that was unrelated)).

4 thoughts on “Wirefly is Legit”

  1. I want to hear more about what happened with the police. Did someone call to say Sprint was criminally incompetent?
    Note to self: don’t ever click on links in garbled email messages, from Wirefly or otherwise.

  2. Awesome. I’m a big fan of Wirefly too, ever since I bought a phone from them a couple of years ago. Not like I’m going to name my first born after them, but maybe just my screen name. LOL. Don’t forget to recycle your old phone. Wirefly has a site for that too: http://www.wirefly.org/

  3. It’s worth pointing out that thousands of people are claiming that Inphonic/Wirefly illegitimately denied and/or delayed their rebates. The Wash DC Attorney General is filing suit, and there is more than one class action suit being organized.
    I’m also owed a rebate by these folks; I’ve just filed in Small Claims. We’ll see how that goes.

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