Why are You on This Site?

There’s been a big spike in traffic here over the last couple days, but I honestly can’t figure out why. Where are all you people coming from? Please leave a comment to let me know.

9 thoughts on “Why are You on This Site?”

  1. I hypothesize that with all the law school applications going out soon…google is finding the link from your site to the law school discussion board and bumping your ranking up.

  2. I am certain that the spike is because of your post re: the JibJab IP stuff. JibJab is really popular with their couple of videos, and people find your site because of that.
    Example: Nic showed me their “Good to be in D.C.” video just the other day, so when I visited your blog yesterday, and I saw your post about JibJab’s legal travails, I actually sent Nic an email about it. No telling the exponential forwards this may have resulted in… The same thing probably went on around the world!

  3. I’m certain it’s because of your JibJab post. I personally emailed a fellow JibJab fan with a link to yer blog just to tell him about JibJab’s IP travails. Other people probably did the same.

  4. People are trying to figure out what all the fuss is over the Sinclair Broadcast Company’s plans to show a bullshit Anti Kerry movie. You’re getting mistaken hits!

  5. This theory makes the most sense. It’s probably not about JibJab or law students because there are no referrals (ie google searches). People are most likely typing andrewsinclair.org into their browser. This usually suggests some kind of print article, but I haven’t heard of anything like that.
    The Kerry video could be it. Why would someone go to andrewsinclair.org while looking for Sinclair Broadcasting? Is the guy named Andrew?
    There was some news in Austrailia this week about a scientist named Andrew Sinclair. I thought maybe that could be it.
    The numbers now are getting closer to normal now, and the referral logs are starting to look like they used to – with random google searches making up the majority of traffic.

  6. I am on this sight because there is a live performance on December 19th-2004, in Raleigh, NC I think it’s called Nemo on Ice, and I work with a shelter and there is a little girl that loooooooves nemo. I was trying to locate tickets and see the price so that she can go for I feel this would be the best Christmas gift a three year old could have. I hope I will recieve a response from this e-mail. I would love for her to see this performance, can you help?
    Juanita Vick

  7. I’m a 1L, came here while web surfing, looking for study tips. Midterm exams are coming up. Maybe that accounts for some of the increase in traffic by law students. I found your page through 4LawSchool.com. – Thanks!

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