Who Would Steal a CD?

I bought Grandaddy’s “Sumday” for $10 at the the Tower Records “Day After Christmas Sale.” I’ve said before that if CDs were $10, I’d buy plenty. It took me ages to peel off the little security sticker along the top. Then I had to pop open the jewel case tray to remove the little metal security thingy-thing. As I was scratching the sticker residue off my otherwise mint CD case, I wondered: what’s the point of all these security measures? Is CD theft really a problem anymore? Why would anyone risk getting caught shoplifting when they can steal music with far less consequences from the comfort of their own home?
File sharing may be hurting record lables, but it should (logically speaking) do away with the problem of theft of tangible CDs. The record industry has been telling us that piracy is hurting sales; it would be interesting to learn whether it has been helping theft.