Who is Frank Chu?

Admittedly, I have a mild obsession with this guy. He walked around San Francisco all day long protesting his cause. There are many theories about Mr. Chu, but I believe the following (mostly hearsay): (1) He lives in Oakland with his parents, and commutes on BART. (2) He has mental problems. (3) He believes that he is a famous movie star in another galaxy. (4) The Clinton family is at least partially to blame for the lack of payment for his movies. (5) He enjoys protests of any sort. (6) He has some favorite words and phrases such as: “guiltied” “behind closed doors in Washington” “The richest family during the Clinton administration” “treasons committed against him” and of course “impeach x” (where x is the name of a current or former president, or a city or state that sounds like a president’s name, like Montana or Cleveland).

We may never know the truth about Frank Chu, but cheers to those that seek answers: The Zegnatronic Rocket Society, Stave.org, Indybay, Project 1525 (offline?), and the new “movie”: Who is Frank Chu? (quicktime file)