Where to Buy Free Culture?

I was able to obtain a copy of Lawrence Lessig’s new book this weekend in Amsterdam. I had thought of all sorts of schemes to see how quickly I could get a copy of the book from the states, assuming I wouldn’t find it in the typical Dutch book shops (which almost never have non-fiction books in the English language). I finally found the book in an American book store in Amsterdam – though I nearly left without seeing the book and only spotted it out of the corner of my eye from across the room as I was descending the stairs in disappointment (it wasn’t next to the other two of Lessig’s books).
Interestingly, the book store also featured a section of “American food” for homesick ex-pats. A good portion of the selection was Dunkin Hines cake mixes. I didn’t realize that was what I’m supposed to be missing here in the Netherlands. I miss burritos.
I was surprised that Lessig didn’t release the book online under a Creative Commons license (the copyright notice in the book explicitly reserves all rights). In fact, I was confused. He did release a Creative Commons version in pdf, and other formats would follow.
I don’t know if it’s good or bad that I’m actually reading (and caring about) the copyright notices in books now. I just finished A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius and I have to admit that I was greatly entertained by Dave Eggers’ version of fine print (click “next page” to see the copyright notice).

3 thoughts on “Where to Buy Free Culture?”

  1. haha..when i was in europe i really really missed burritos too. I had one in prague, barcelona and paris and they were all pretty much shit. the one in barcelona was even called “san francisco burrito bar.” Even just being in NY it’s pretty hard to find a decent burrito.

  2. I’m planning on picking up Professor Lessig’s book very soon. (I just got done spending $400 on books for my classes this quarter, so as soon as my credit card stops reeling from that). Until then, I’ll be reading the pdf version. I too am somewhat extremely confused as to why Lessig didnt release it under a Creative Commons Liscence (much like Doctrow did with his book).

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