Webtrends Live Ceases Free Service

Apparently the free version of Web Trends Live (no link because, well, I’m mad at them) has been discontinued. I understand that these companies need to make money, but I, like many others, cannot afford to pay. I hope for their sake that at least a couple people upgrade to paid service. It looks like my site statistics (for this and lawschooldiscussion.org) have been lost. Boo!
Web Trends Live is a tracking service that works by loading an image (like the one at the bottom of this page) every time a page is loaded. They can then analyze their logs to create traffic reports for any website. You can analyze your own log files if you know how, but this takes software and the free stuff doesn’t have the nifty charts and graphs of traffic data.
This isn’t especially hard to do, and there are several companies that still offer free service. Web Trends Live had the product team to make a very aesthetically pleasing site though, and there’s no free substitute. The best I can find is sitemeter. Looks like I’ll have to switch.