War Product Placement

(a) Reality TV shows are increasing popular, and the networks are starting to embrace product placement as a viable alternative to traditional ads (that can be skipped using new technology such as TiVo).
(b) Coverage of the war in Iraq is essentially a reality TV show. (I find it especially disturbing that the networks each have their own version of a giant title and theme song every time a commercial break ends. It looks like “NFL on NBC” or something.)
a + b = war product placement.
So far, Hummer has been the only company to successfully place their (near) consumer products on the battlefield in full view of the cameras. This, of course, is because the Hummer was a military vehicle first, a civilian transport later. It might be impossible for even the biggest US brands to get pass the military’s regulations, but I would be surprised if Coca-Cola hasn’t already attempted to get every soldier drinking a cool refreshing Coke as the cameras snap their photographs. It’ll be interesting to see if anyone tries any Hummer-style reverse product placement (marketing a consumer product based on something already involved in the war). How long before Kraft MREs appear in little boy’s lunch boxes across the country? “As seen in Iraq War!”