Vanilla Coke

I got a hold and a gulp of the new Vanilla Coke this afternoon. It tastes just like regular Coke, but with vanilla. I suppose that was to be expected. (Funny that Coke was somehow unable to obtain the domain name
I’ve noticed a lot of new soft-drink options from the major makers recently. Coke and Pepsi both come with lemon now, though I’m not sure which came first. I have this image of Pepsi spies copying the secret document onto a 3.5 inch disk and FedExing it to Purchase, NY where Pepsi Intelligence Officers discover the secret to the new recipe: “Lemon! Of course! Ingenious!” Imagine working for Pepsi, you’re diet would consist solely of sugary drinks and snack food.
Is it weird that our society presumes a sugary carbonated beverage to be “normal”? Often the only options are Coke, something similar like Pepsi, Diet Coke, Sprite, etc., and maybe water or ice tea if you’re lucky. Water drinkers are shunned into a lower class by being forced to use that little tab thingy instead of an actual water-dedicated spout at the soda fountain. I’m not complaining, I just think it’s weird.
My soft-drink of choice is, of course, Dr. Pepper. It’s never on sale in Boston for some reason.