I just got back from a family trip to Vancouver. Despite its size, cultural importance, and proximity to Seattle, Vancouver is surprising forgotten in the emerald city. (I’m referring to Seattle for those that don’t know. Vancouver, with its skyscrapers of green glass, really should be the emerald city. In Seattle, the only green is the forest green of the foresty environment.)
I took some pictures which may turn into one of my little “photo galleries”, but as I’ve already mentioned, I’ve forgotten my USB cable so I can’t plug in my camera. There is an pretty good photo exhibit of Vancouver on
There’s nothing like the museum to make you realize that you’ve got a day off. I don’t ever remember being at a museum and thinking about getting back to work or study. Thus, I caught the last day of the Cyborg Exhibit at the Vancouver Art Gallery. It was pretty interesting stuff, the highlight of which was probably a post-apocalyptic life support suit by Kenji Yanobe. I was first exposed to Kenji Yanobe’s work at an exhibit at UC Santa Barbara when I was a student there in 1997.
Upstairs at the museum was a Douglas Gordon exhibit. His stuff was both interesting and disturbing. Some of the cooler pieces were the video installations. One featured two giant opposing screens showing the “you talkin’ to me?” scene from Taxi Driver in slightly staggered loops. Another, “24 Hour Psycho” is brilliant in concept but rather boring in application. It’s a slowing down of the film Psycho stretched to show in 24 hours. What you end up with is a giant video display that moves ever so slightly ever few seconds. It’s essentially the opposite of time lapse photography.