UVA ExamSoft Article

Virginia Law Weekly, the newspaper for UVA Law School has an article this week on ExamSoft, the popular anti-cheating software used for law school exams. The article (pdf page; pdf issue; archive) includes a mention of my experiences typing the old fashioned way and some other great lines like this one: “Boston [University] wasn’t the first to sign up. It followed the lead of Georgetown, NYU, Harvard, and over 100 other law schools, colleges, and bar jurisdictions that use ExamSoft.” Late adopter I guess.
This is actually the second time a print publication has taken from this site on the ExamSoft subject. Virginia Law Weekly did a much better job than this issue of the National Jurist (note: the part I’m taking about is only in the print version). The National Jurist attributed my opinion to “BU Law Students” and wound up implying that we were all mad about having to buy floppy drives.