US vs. UK Covers

After watching yesterday’s NBC special about food and obesity, I got into a discussion of the cover a certain Fatboy Slim album. I remember being slightly offended when a one of my friends in England made the assumption that the fat kid on the cover of the album was an American. In his defense: “I think there’s an American background… an American school bus or something.” He was right about the background. There are definitely some U.S. street signs back there.
I was studying in England when that album came out, and until last night I never realized that the U.S. version has an entirely different cover. The U.K. version has a blatantly American fat kid on the cover while the U.S. version shows a bunch of records.
Curious about the seemingly low price of the CD from the U.K., I thought I’d check the price of one of the last books I read. I thought the U.S. cover of Eric Schlosser’s Reefer Madness was pretty original. I guess the British have a different idea of what a book about migrant farm workers, marijuana, and porn should look like. What self-respecting American would be sitting on the commuter train holding this?
Apparently there’s yet another cover available for the conservative brit.
Anyone know of other drasticly different covers?

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