tortfeasor Competition Heats Up

The market for law school novelty t-shirts (whaaaat?) is getting more players. I started tortfeasor in the summer of 2003, and since then I’ve seen at least two sites focusing on the law school market. I can’t seem to find the first one, but I just discovered Law School Stuff last night. Even has its own t-shirt (“free” but with $8 shipping).
I’m not impressed with the competition. The designs usually aren’t that good. Law School Stuff is an exception, but their originality comes at a price. They want $22 for a shirt with shipping (compared to tortfeasor’s $15), and I suspect their shirts use heat transfers rather than silk screening (the latter is much better quality, but harder to produce – the reason tortfeasor doesn’t have 20 shirts to choose from). Their shirts can take 3-5 weeks to ship (maybe they are doing screen printing) compared to tortfeasor’s next day shipping. I admit that the selection is better, but it’s one thing to draw up a bunch of shirts – another to actually make them and sell them for a reasonable price. This is the reason I dislike cafepress.
Nevertheless, as I said the other day, I am glad that technology is enabling this kind of start up.

2 thoughts on “tortfeasor Competition Heats Up”

  1. Andrew, is giving away free T-shirts, not to compete with Tortfeasor garb, but because selling T-shirts is such a pain.
    When you next come to Manhattan, will present you with your very own free T-shirt, and we’ll waive the shipping and handling fee.
    What more could you ask for?
    PS: T-shirts are of the absolute highest quality. Guaranteed. Or double your money back.

  2. Haha – okay. I didn’t mean to present it as an either/or situation. Just making a point that there are a lot more law school t-shirts than there used to be.

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