The World of Copyright

One exam down, two exams to go. I celebrated with a pint at Bukowski Tavern, only to be haunted by a flashback to my exam (both Bukowski and the exam featured an newspaper article cut out and mounted for public display). Indeed copyright is everywhere. It might just be that it has been on my mind a lot recently, but it seems to me that it is one most often violated areas of the law. I’m not saying this is a bad thing (the violations that is (suggesting lots of use), not the fact that there are violations (suggesting strict laws)), but it does seem like the law could be more consistent with behavior. For example, wherever something is “illegal but tolerated” it might as well just be made legal. (Okay – so this doesn’t work so well because the people that are “tolerating” (law enforcement) are different from the people making the laws – but still…) Copyright is the same way. There should be a better defense for small infringements. If its not worth anyone’s time to bring a lawsuit, there should be no cause of action.*
*Disclaimer: It’s been a long day.