The Value of Lexis and Westlaw Points (Introduction)

In a shameless effort to promote use of Lexis and Westlaw amongst law students (so the students will pay a premium for these services later in their professional lives) both companies offer incentives to students in the form of contests and points.
The more one logs in to each service, the more points that student “earns”. Both services award 10 points for every log-in, and both services limit the point-earning log-ins to a 7 per week. Thus, with the exception of special promotions and contests, each law student in the country can “earn” 70 points per week on each of Lexis and Westlaw.
I’ve had a lot of discussions about the value of a Lexis or Westlaw point. Everyone I’ve talked to seems to have a different impression of the most valuable way to spend the points. I decided sit down and figure out what these points are actually worth. I’ll be reporting my findings over the next few days. Stay tuned…

One thought on “The Value of Lexis and Westlaw Points (Introduction)”

  1. Here’s a little secret about those points – if you are on law review (or know someone who is who can get you a secret code) you get 20 points each time you log on to Lexis. It’s also good to know a student Westlaw rep – to get the scratch off cards to get more free points. During my last 2 years of law school (they only started the points during my 2nd year) I got tons of free stuff – book bags, textbooks (which I sold for profit on, a swiss army watch, yoga mat, gift certificates. All for spending about 1 minute logging on and off. My only regret – blowing all my points the first year and not letting them build up for the following year – if only I had known they would offer Coach purses my last year . . .

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