The Value of a Westlaw Point

Westlaw offers a much more limited selection of prizes than Lexis, but it’s harder to calculate the value of a point because many (most?) of the prizes are not readily available at finer online retailers. Nevertheless, I’ve found a good selection of items and created another handy chart. Like yesterday’s chart, you can download the data for a better view.

Westlaw point values are not as consistent as Lexis points, but this makes sense because they’re not linked to Amazon dollars. The points range from a low of about $0.015 (if you exchange them for a coffee grinder) to a high of about $0.025 (if you exchange them for an electric dart board). The highest values come from casebooks, gift certificates, and expensive items. If you’re trying to get the most bang for your buck (er, point), you should save up.
Like with Lexis points, you’re going to have to do a lot of saving and a lot of logging out. (Unlike Lexis, you get points for remembering to log out – not to log in, but at least Westlaw gives you the points regardless of whether you go to the “lawschool.” page or the main page.)
If you log out the maximum of 7 times per week, you’ll “earn” approximately $1.40 worth of points.
Tomorrow: Conclusions (and I think another chart is in order)