The Power of Many

I just finished reading The Power of Many: How the Living Web is Transforming Politics, Business, and Everyday Life by Christian Crumlish. The basic idea is that the web has enabled social groups to form and exchange knowledge, meet, form communities, enact political change, etc. While all this is true, I thought the book repeated buzzwords more than actually providing analysis of the way social behavior has been altered by technology. “Blog blog blogger blog, rss rss xml rss.” While we do live in an exciting time, I was hoping for more analysis and fewer bullet pointed lists of product features.
Now that I’ve judged the book by it’s content, it’s safe to admit that I more frequently judge books by their covers. In this case, I have to wonder just how intentional was the similarity between this book and David Weinberger’s Small Pieces Loosely Joined, which is a much better read covering a more general but related topic.
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One thought on “The Power of Many”

  1. I’m sorry the book disappointed you! I’m going to link to your review from the book’s blog anyway, so people get a full range of opinions. (Fortunately for me there was a good review posted on a blog today too…).
    As for the cover, my publisher actually hired two different designers to come up with cover ideas and then chose the one they liked best. We did notice the similarity to Small Pieces later, but it wasn’t intentional.

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