The Most Inefficient Gift Certificate

I have an Amazon credit card. Amazon is, of course, not the bank. The bank is Chase. The card “rewards” me by giving me approximately 1% back in the form of Amazon gift certificates. When I got the card, I assumed my Amazon account would just get random credits of $25 every time I spent $2,500. Instead, Chase keeps track of my “points” and when I have enough for another $25, they send some kind of notification to a “Rewards Processing Center”. The rewards center *prints* a coupon code on a piece of paper and mails it to me. I open the envelope, recycle the cover sheet, type the 13 digit number into Amazon, and recycle the certificate and envelope. To me, this is like an email client that sends an email to a processing center where it is printed and mailed… and where then ultimate recipient then re-types it into their email client. Total inefficiency.