The BU Law Tower is Ugly

BU Law TowerThis Boston Globe article is quickly making the rounds at Boston University. I really don’t know anything about the matter, and it would be irresponsible of me to comment on the article. I will say though that it is an agreed upon fact that the current BU Law Tower does not meet the needs of a law school and is one of the ugliest law schools (and indeed buildings) in the country. If anyone thinks their school is worse, I’d love to hear it – perhaps with a link to a picture in the comments to this post.
For those that haven’t actually seen the BU law tower, here’s a picture for you. Compare with the pictures on the BU Law website, which rarely even shows the school.
[Update: Dean Cass responds to the article]

3 thoughts on “The BU Law Tower is Ugly”

  1. Harvard Law School may have some nice buildings, but the Harkness Commons student center and the Gropius dorms have got to be some of the ugliest buildings around… (of course these pictures don’t really show the fact that these buildings are in horrible physical condition as well…)

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