The Bog Roll Alternative

I was intrigued by part of an adbusters piece that mentioned something called “the pooh-rag system” (number 20 in the article). The idea is that toilet paper is harmful to the environment and that, for much the same reasons one should bring his own bag to the grocery store, one should use cloth toilet paper. To do so requires some sort of system to deal with the fact that, well, that’s nasty sh*t.
“There is something called the pooh-rag system, in which you tear rags into small sheets to use in lieu of toilet paper. You place the used rags in a large jug of vinegar. When the jug is full, you take it to the laundromat and put the contents through a low-water wash cycle so the rags can be used again.”
I’m not for or against this system, but I really don’t like the part about taking those rags down to the laundry mat. Special thanks to my landlord for installing a brand new washer in our basement (no more public laundry for me thanks).
Now – can’t we have some sort of compromise where we don’t need to wash out these rags-o-nastage? Of course there is an answer. Even when on the road.