The Apprentice and the Police

I never thought I’d find myself writing about reality TV, but I recently picked up the DVD version of the hit television series: The Apprentice. I was in the Netherlands during the entire series and thus missed every episode. I thought I’d see what all the hype was about by watching the show commercial-free on DVD.
I’ve never bought a DVD of a television show before. The Apprentice DVD comes with a gimmicky box that says “you’re fired” every time it’s opened. Apparently though, they used cheap components to make this device; the voice plays at random times, and it sounds very robotic. In fact, it sounds almost exactly as though a cop is driving by outside and using his loud speaker (for example, telling a crowd to disperse).
Now, I just moved to Central Square a few days ago, and I live near some night clubs and a police station. Naturally, I might be a bit suspicious of late night commotion outside my window. It turns out though, that my neighborhood is not the police ridden riot zone I would expect based on all the police megaphone announcements. The commotion is just Donald Trump in my bookshelf, occasionally firing people during the night.

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