Sushi Memo

A few months ago, a partner at Paul Weiss ate some bad sushi. She gave a paralegal the assignment of researching the sushi restaurants in the area and reporting back. What followed was a formally written three-page memo, complete with footnotes. The memo has surfaced in recent days, and has been getting passed around law firm inboxes.
The New York Times covered the story yesterday, but Gawker has the memo.
If I ran a firm I would never let this sort of thing happen. The footnotes are not in Bluebook format!

3 thoughts on “Sushi Memo”

  1. Great site Andrew. I’m a junior at UCSB right now, hoping to head to law school and then spend a few glorious years writing memos about sushi for large prestigious law firms. Rock on buddy.

  2. Alright NAJ! Way to not know what the heck you are talking about!
    I would have fired that paralegal. She didn’t care about the law, sushi, or doing her job right. If she did, she would have bluebooked.
    (Of course, people in BIGLAW throw tantrums for just about any reason, so this seems to be the best reason so far.)

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