Sub-Code Housing

Ethan Mascoop, a local housing conditions expert gave a talk today about some of the common housing-related health concerns around Boston. From flies to mold, he said he doubts that many apartments in the area actually meet the housing code standard. It’s a bit ironic that the first floor of the building where the talk was being given was closed off for mold removal, while a cockroach was spotted on the table as Mr. Mascoop had just finished the cockroach segment of his speech. Apparently, it was a German Cockroach.
It was interesting to think about all the hidden health hazards in one’s home. While no one is immune from the dangers of lead paint, mold, cockroaches, etc., the lower income areas tend to have greater problems. Of course they are the most likely to have landlords that do not maintain the property, and the least likely to have the resources to do something about poor conditions.
Gotta watch out for that stachybotrys.