Still Working on Law School Discussion

Happy New Year’s Eve. I’m still working on the Law School Discussion update. I’m happy to say that the design is done and now I’m working on the forum software. I’m upgrading to the new Simple Machines Forum which looks like really great software. If only I knew a little more about php…
Meanwhile I have just days left in Boston before I leave for my semester abroad in The Netherlands. I still have lots of packing to do.

2 thoughts on “Still Working on Law School Discussion”

  1. A European student going for a semester to the US doesn’t have to pay the monstrous tuition of the university he will be attending.
    But how does it work the other way around?A student going to a European university with low or no tuition at all still pays thiusands of dollars back in BU???
    Just curious….

  2. Probably because someone like me pays the monstrous tuition in the US and thinks its a good deal. (I’m paying my normal BU tuition.)

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