Thursday’s New York Times had an article about scanning people to produce a database of sizes and measurements for clothing manufacturers. I hadn’t thought about sizes much until starting tortfeasor. People are always emailing me asking what size shirt they should buy. Isn’t the buyer in a better position to figure this out?
People come in all different shapes, and I’ve never understood why women’s clothes use arbitrary “size” measurements instead of actual inches or centimeters.
I think t-shirts are fairly standard across brands in terms of sizes though. I always ask for a large shirt, but an XL suits me just fine too. When setting up tortfeasor, I assumed that “large” was the average size and I printed an approximate bell curve of sizes. The first two orders (to a couple friends) were for a small and XXL shirt. Luckily, purchases did converge on large, but the extremities (small and XXL) do sell better than I thought they would.
I noticed an interesting phenomenon lately about the XXL shirts (currently sold out, but a new run should be printed very soon). I used to charge more for XXL because they cost more to make (more material), but it got somewhat complicated. In the process of raising all the prices a little and reducing shipping prices, I set all sizes to the same (increased) price. XXL sales immediately surged despite being more expensive than before. Another interesting fact: people tend to buy more than one XXL shirt at a time. Most of the recent XXL sales have been for two (sometimes more) shirts.

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  1. I came upon your site by doing a google search on Rochester, NY and Blogs.
    I hope you do not mind me emailing you.
    I noticed your pictures…you have a great eye. My question to you is – Do you know of any programs besides MAC’s “quickshow” for putting my portfolio (I am a photographer BTW) on a windows program so I can send it out on a cd? I want to break into photojournalism and I am having a hell of a time finding a program that will work with BOTH Mac’s and PC’s.
    I know this question is from left field BUT I need all the help I can get.
    Your website is very nice…thanks – Josh

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