SF, Boston, and Los Vegas – But No Dinner

I’ve been back for a few days, but I never got a chance to report on my trip to San Francisco. It was short, and I probably spent more time traveling than I spent at the actual destination (well, it seems like that anyway).
I flew on America West Airlines. At first I was reluctant about this fact. I’ve been on some other no-so-major airlines and had some bad experiences. America West turned out to be okay though. They gave out the full can of soda and they even had Dr. Pepper. The only drawback is that I had to stop in Phoenix and Las Vegas, but both were very interesting cities. On the way back, I ended up on a 4pm to 1am flight with NO MEAL. What’s up? So I can’t say it’s a great airline, just not a bad one.
Phoenix is a city known for it’s sprawl, and sprawl it does. It looked to me like there were nothing but single-family houses, right up to the downtown area – which appeared to be more like a downtown street, a long row of office buildings. The rest of the city just went out forever in blocks. Not many trees. Not much grass.
Las Vegas was a little different. The houses were even more “cookie-cutter” and the streets had more artificial and intentional curves. For example, blocks with a little curvy part so that people can live on a curved street. The strip is ridiculous from the air. It looks like a big theme park. The craziest thing about stopping in Las Vegas though: there are slot machines in the airport. It took me awhile to stop smiling about that. I decided that I should gamble a little, since I’ve never “played” a slot machine before. I put in a buck, lost – another buck, lost – anoth… oh wait, I came to my senses.