Segway Spotted

I spotted someone on a Segway yesterday on Harvard Ave in Brookline. It was like spotting a deer in the wild: I’d seen it before on television, read about it, and find it interesting but not amazing… but I couldn’t help but stop and stare as the rider (driver?) waited to cross the street.
I wasn’t alone. A driver waiting at the light had his window down to ask questions. I felt like I was in a movie about someone who goes back in time and everyone is staring at him because he has some funky sunglasses or something. What is this obsession? Are these things really that innovative? They don’t do much more than a skateboard really. I think it’s just that the product is starting to catch up to the hype: you can actually buy those things!
In a related story, President Bush ate it yesterday on a Segway. It is today’s most emailed photograph on yahoo (seems to be down at the moment, but you can always looks somewhere else – try msn’s slideshow). That tennis racket must have thrown off his balance. Maybe he would have had better luck riding the Megway.