Scarecrows of Waltham Massachusetts

I’m amazed at the holiday spirit evinced by the residents of Waltham, a suburban town outside of Boston. Maybe this is some East Coast thing that I’m not aware of, but I always associated Halloween decorations with black cats, witches, spiders, ghosts, and jack-o-lanterns. Scarecrows… not so much. In Waltham, however, scarecrows are keeping the crows away at almost every other house. Those without scarecrows in their yards are obviously due for some serious crow issues.
I decided documentation was in order. You’d be surprised how hard it is to sneak around the suburbs in the morning taking pictures of people’s front yards, but alas – the fruits of my labor:
Dwarf Scarecrow and Old “Needs V8” Scarecrow
dwarf scarecrow
Drunk Scarecrow and Scarecrow of the Bush.
drunk scarecrow
“Friend of the Pole” Scarecrow and… “Friend of the Pole” Scarecrow
pole scarecrow
And finally: Way Too Much Holiday Spirit Scarecrow.
festive scarecrow

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