San Francisco and Class Registration

San Francisco hasn’t changed much since I lived here (it’s only been a year). There are some new buses, and the rents seem to be a lot more reasonable. Otherwise it’s the same city. The weather is gloomy and cool every day – perfect.
I’m still trying to catch up with my friends here. There are a lot of people spread out over the SF Bay Area to see, and still a few days to track some people down.
In news from Boston, it sounds like I was able to drop my extra classes to avoid paying the $2,500 fee for having too many credits. It’s not a good system. There is no way to pick alternative classes when one registers, so the best strategy is to sign up for the maximum number of units. If you are lucky enough to get all the classes for which you signed up, you’re hit with the $2,500 fee. You get this back when you drop the classes to get back down to a normal load, but the fee is due before the drop period. Not very well planned out at all. It looks like I also managed to get a whopping one interview at the New York job fair. At least I got something…