I got a new desk from Ikea this week. I actually bought it in Seattle and shipped it to Boston (since the nearest Ikea to Boston is four hours away in New Jersey). Despite the distance, the price of the desk plus shipping was still cheaper than anything I’ve seen in Boston, and nothing here matched the décor of my room.
Now I’m the happy owner of a tiny new desk for my tiny room. Below are twelve pictures stitched into one (because my room is too small to fit anymore than 1/12 of what you see below into the frame). I used The Panorama Factory to stitch two sets of 6 pictures together. Then I stitched the two long pictures together sideways. The whole thing was a big project, but I’m pretty happy with the result. Note the skewed computer screen, window, and “RAOHEAD” poster (it’s the French version of the poster, but that’s still no way to spell Radiohead).