Rochester, NY

I went out to Rochester, New York this week for an interview. It was a short but interesting and enjoyable trip. Interstate 90 comprises almost the entire route from Boston to Rochester. In Massachusetts, it’s know as the Massachusetts Turnpike. In New York, it’s the New York Thruway. It’s interesting that both freeways have websites. I even saw a postcard for the Thruway, but I think it was meant to be a joke.
I-90 rolls through the Berkshires and along the Erie Canal, offering impressive views of each.
I was only actually in Rochester for half of a day, but I was pleasantly surprised. Eastman-Kodak, Bausch & Lomb, and Xerox are all based in Rochester, and these three companies have a huge presence in the city. Dinosaur BBQ also has a huge influence on the city. The smoke from the BBQ pit makes half the downtown area smell of slowly cooking meat. And it is a good smell.
Finally, and most amazingly, there is a huge waterfall located right next to the downtown area. Here’s a picture: