Re-Design Part II

Well I’m happy to say that my little re-design here is essentially done. There are probably some minor issues that need to be fixed, but generally I’m happy with the way things are looking.
It’s not a huge departure from the old design, but this time all the formatting is done with cascading style sheets. There are no tables at all! (Well, I didn’t change the photo gallery pages, so there are still some tables there, but I’ll change that some day.)
If anyone sees anything weird (maybe it looks different on your computer), please let me know.
I should give some credit to Jeffrey Zeldman and his book Designing with Web Standards. The book was a great resource to me in re-working this site and Law School Discussion.
Finally, I’m no expert at this stuff, but I’ve learned a lot about cascading style sheets and Moveable Type. If you have any questions about what I’ve done here (technically), don’t hesitate to ask.

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