Red Sox Region

It’s Red Sox nation here in the, um, city known as Boston – in the region known as New England. The local news tonight is invoking death star imagery in their report from New York. “Some fans have gone behind enemy lines to the evil empire tonight – watching the game in New York.” I suppose it is the Empire State, but evil is going a little far.
I’m not a baseball fan, but as a Boston resident (okay Cambridge) I’m well aware of the fact that the Red Sox haven’t won a world series since 1918. Many folks attribute this to the curse of The Bambino. There’s a sign on Storrow Drive that is supposed to say “Reverse Curve” but that someone has modified to read “Reverse the Curse”. Last year they put up a new sign, but it didn’t take long for someone to make the change. The modified version of the sign nicely draws one’s attention away from an otherwise confusing question: what the hell is a reverse curve?
In effort to reverse the curse, there is a project underway to find and restore an upright piano at the bottom of a pond. Tonight’s local news mentioned another effort to reverse the curse by demolishing the house of Babe Ruth’s ex-wife. In actuality, they’re demolishing the house to build condos, but Red Sox fans are happy.