Red Sox Madness

I’ve never lived anywhere as devoted to baseball as Boston, and I’ve lived in a lot of places. Living within five minutes walk of Fenway park has given me a real appreciation for the effect the Red Sox have on this city, but now that the team is actually doing well, I am amazed at the level of support for the team.
Last Saturday, the Prudential building spelled out a massive “Go Sox” in office lights. It was the kind of thing you see in magazine ads but rarely in reality – and rarely does it ever look so clear. I’ve heard through the grapevine that another big Boston building is planning a similar spelling for this weekend, and I wonder how many other buildings are planning to get involved.
Meanwhile, I just received an email from BU dean of students (for the whole university, not the law school). He encourages BU students to “enjoy and celebrate conference playoffs with . . . discretion and regard for others and the law.”
The tone of the email presumes a city on the brink of chaos: “For those who may contemplate behavior or actions which would disrupt, cause damage to property or otherwise violate the law, you should be aware that the City of Boston is fully prepared to take action . . .” Remind me to lock my doors and windows this weekend as the Fenway neighborhood braces for impact.