Pointless Protest

My outline for contracts class consumed most of my day, but I took some time out to go to an anti-war rally and march. I don’t go to a lot of these things, not because I don’t agree with the cause, but because I can’t figure out what the cause is. Today’s rally was pretty much structured around promoting peace and peaceful resolutions of the “war on terrorism”. Of course, there were many other messages being thrown around. The march was set to coincide with the big protest in Washington DC, but weren’t they protesting the Israel / Palestine conflict? Or was it the World Bank and IMF?
The problem with these things is that there is no clear message. The point of a protest is raise awareness, but media reports focus on the number of protesters, the nature (violent / non-violent), the police action, and the local impact (closed roads etc.). They don’t mention anything substantive. Why? It’s not the media. It’s the protesters. We can’t decide what goal we’re furthering.