I’ve been checking out a couple podcasts lately, and I’m getting really interested in the medium. A podcast is like a radio broadcast, but it’s pre-recorded and distributed online. You can use an application like ipodder to subscribe to various podcasts and have them automatically downloaded to your digital device (an ipod perhaps). Then, when you’re on the bus, you just play the broadcast and listen to the latest version of pop-publishing (think blogging meets pirate radio).
One of the default subscriptions on ipodder is Adam Curry‘s Daily Source Code. Yes, Adam Curry of 80’s MTV fame. Curry’s show is simple yet fascinating. He basically just reports on his ordinary daily life, but he’s an entertaining guy.
I’ve also been listening to Denise Howell‘s show and some IT Conversations. Just like blogs, as the medium grows in popularity, there will be very focused show topics, famous personalities, and commercial interest. The internet reduced the barriers to world-wide publishing, and now cheaper bandwidth and digital audio players are making world-wide broadcasting accessible to the masses – a huge development in participatory media.