Planes and Trains and… Uh, Just Trains

I’m quite impressed with the new website by my old co-worker, Nick Aster. The man has some good opinions. Most notable, in my opinion, is his quick write-up of the proposed California High Speed Rail. Car travel always seems cheaper than other means, but that is because the total cost is absorbed by the overall population. US residents pay taxes to pay for the roads, and the world pays the cost of pollution and oil-related wars. I don’t have any facts to back this up, but it seems to me that train travel just has to be more efficient than car travel. Unless the government is willing to either push some resources toward more efficient travel or give the true cost of car travel back to the drivers, trains will never be feasible.
If you’re going to make a train though, don’t screw up the engineering, and don’t promise a train and deliver a bus instead.