Pixies Show Report

I saw the Pixies on Wednesday in Lowell, Massachusetts. I’m a huge Pixies fan, and I’d often dreamed that they would get back together for a tour. The show did not disappoint. They played plenty of songs, covering everything I could have hoped to hear, including both versions of Wave of Mutilation. The stadium crowd was full of dedicated fans, which added a lot of energy. Pixies members are definitely aging in appearance, but you’d never know it from the show – especially impressive considering they’re playing almost every single night these days.
The one drawback to the show was the location. Who wants to leave the city for a show? There wasn’t much chance of getting to Lowell without a car, and there were enough cars to cause serious traffic problems. Level 4 of the parking garage remained a parking lot for a full 1.5 hours after the show. At midnight on a Wednesday, I prefer sleeping to sitting in a parked car in Lowell.
To add insult to injury, the Pixies just announced that they actually will be playing a show in Boston. I couldn’t manage to get a ticket though.