Phone “Booth” Wi-Fi

While I’m excited to hear that Verizon is experimenting with using existing phone booths as wireless hotspots in New York, I’m even more excited to hear that Verizon is dropping their DSL rates from $50 to $30-$35 per month. Yeah! Now there’s something good for the common man.
The New York phone booth thing is cool, but who will really benefit? It’s only available to current Verizon customers, so it’ll presumably be people that already have high-speed access at home. Among those, how many will actually be near a phone booth in New York when they want to get online? While there are generally a lot of people on a Manhattan sidewalk, most of them are actually going somewhere – (probably somewhere with internet access) not just hanging around. Where would you hang around with a laptop? The park? Don’t they already have wireless there?
It seems like the only beneficiaries will be people in unwired (and unwirelessly wired) street-level cafes and such – still a cool idea, but not such a big deal.
One final complaint: Since when is a greasy phone on a stick a “phone booth”. Phone booths have walls and doors. In London they feature a bounty of escort flyers. In Switzerland they have little computerized phone directories. In the US, an actual phone booth is a rare find.