PC design

I’m still unsure what caused my computer to get so hot the other day. Since then I’ve had the cover off of the case and I’ve been tripping over the open wirey box that pretty much contains all of my productive output (music and school notes being the most valuable). Anyway, my staring at this open box got me thinking about PC design. I saw a magazine article a few weeks ago about some new design concepts for computers, so I did a little searching to see if I could find some pictures online.

It seems that Intel has a knack for finding cool things and writing about them. I found my screen saver (mentioned a few days ago) at Intel and today’s search for unique computer designs lead me back there. The Concept PC Gallery has a bunch of unique concept computers. I don’t like most of them, but there are a few gems in there. (Groom Lake and UNiMOD are my favorites.) If only these were actually available we wouldn’t be stuck trying to decorate boring computers like this.