No One Beats UC

On Monday the USPTO announced that the University of California received more patents last year than any other university. The University of California beat MIT (number 2) by a margin of almost 4 to 1!
Well I guess technically the University of California is just one university‚Ķ As such, it’s unstoppable.

One thought on “No One Beats UC”

  1. UCSB just recieved like…ten patents from Boeing. (It was in the Nexus last week). In any case, I’m in complete shock about the amount of construction going on all over campus now Andrew. You’d be amazed too I think. There are currently SEVEN LARGE buildings going up on every patch of un-used land available here. Its amazing how much money corporations are pumping into UCSB now. I guess we’re starting to finally get some respect.
    (And you’re right…technically the UC is one large University, hence the “Board of Regents”…as opposed to the “Board of Directors” (which is what they really are.))

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