New tortfeasor Shirt Design

competitive justice shirt Things have been somewhat quiet around tortfeasor lately. Behind the serenity, I’ve been working hard to bring you a brand new t-shirt design. I wanted to make a shirt that was a little more subtle than a giant “tortfeasor” across one’s chest, and I came up with the idea to make a parody of a sports logo. This, of course, has been done before – I’ve seen everything from skateboards to PlayStation controllers with the blue and red background. I thought there was something especially amusing about lawyering as a sport though. Lawyers are known for working hard, but the type of work doesn’t usually lead one to sweat and loss of breath.
The new shirt is available as of today. I’m happy to say that, despite the high quality manufacturing (screen printed – none of this CafePress iron on stuff) and colorful design, I’m still able to offer shirts for a reasonable price.
Thanks to Orville Esoy for helping with the design.