New Shaw’s Supermarket

I checked out the grand opening of the brand new Back Bay Shaw’s yesterday. I don’t know why I get excited about new supermarkets opening, but I do. Plus, in these final days before exams, there’s not much else going on.
The new store is designed much like the streets of Boston: all crooked like. (a little ironic that it is in the only modern grid-style area of Boston: the Back Bay) This, coupled with the opening day crowds, led to more cart gridlock than Toy’s R Us at Christmas (and I used to work at Toy’s R Us so I know). Amazingly, the store has no place for carts to go. They had some guys on the sidewalk trying to gather them up and get them back into the store, but even the most helpful customers couldn’t figure out what they were supposed to do with their carts as they left the store.
Nothing about the design of the store is that amazing, but I was impressed with the fact that they had an alcohol section. For some reason, Massachusetts grocery stores don’t usually have alcohol. They obviously can carry alcohol with a permit. Trader Joe’s has wine and beer (imagine a Trader Joe’s without!), but generally if you want booze in Boston, you have to go into a dodgy liquor store where they give you all kinds of attitude, ask for five IDs, and don’t publish their prices. It’s nice to finally have a clean, well-lighted place for booze in Boston. I probably live too far from the new Shaw’s to take advantage of the labels, sales, and selection. Instead I’ll be subjected to my local store with a security monitor above the door that no one but the customer can see (just to let you know that you’re being taped). Still, nice to know there’s another option.
Most importantly, it’s nice to see supermarkets adopting urban settings. The new store makes great use of space (it’s over the freeway) and it features a loading zone for cabs and such. When I live in San Francisco, it was a 25 minute walk to the nearest grocery store (or a 25 minute bus ride – but you might as well walk then). In Boston I can walk for about 10 minutes to get to a supermarket, 5 minutes to a medium-size store, and 20 minutes to a couple of nicer supermarkets. Food should be easy to acquire.

One thought on “New Shaw’s Supermarket”

  1. Shaw’s prices are ridiculous, even with double coupons and all that! I paid $1 less across the board at Market Basket for: Bottom round roast,
    Don Francisco Coffee, Cheddar cheese, cleaning items, red and yellow peppers. They make you jump through hoops to save a few cents! And last time I was in Market Basket, they were still holding the line on eggs at 99 cents, and milk at $2.50 while we’re getting gouged every where else!

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