New Features at Law School Discussion

Law School Discussion is launching two new features today. First, there is now a message board for every law school. Traditionally people have been reluctant to use these, except of course for the BU board which I’ve promoted a little. Still – why not offer them? People get all excited about yahoo groups for admitted students – and yahoo has an ugly design with huge advertisements. My favorite “first post” is from a famous professor at Ohio State that complained about the lack of posts: “I hate to have a big fat zero sitting here.”
law school discussion blog links pageThe second big improvement – and this one took a lot of work – is a blog links page. There are all sorts of pages that link to blogs already, so I wanted to do something different. Using rss feeds, I created little personality boxes that each contain a short 3 link feed a description and a picture. The really cool part is that there is a little folded corner when that blog has been updated. There is a page featuring pre-law blogs and one featuring law student and lawyer blogs.
I set these up using the Magpie parser. If anyone has questions about it I might be able to help – I learned a lot in this endevour.