New Daypop Features

Daypop has recently added a couple of really cool new features. In addition to generating a list of the day’s most popular links from blogs, they are now generating lists of the most linked to blogs and the most popular words used in blogs. This last one is especially cool because it tells us what people are writing about, not just what where they are linking. I think that’s a better indication of what topics are hot.
This would be really useful to a search engine optimizer. He could look for newly popular terms and generate web pages about those topics. For example, the number two word for today is “Hersh”, referring to a PBS news reporter. A Google search for “Seymour Hersh” (without quotes) finds only 14,000 results – relatively low competition. Indeed there are 198,000 results for my own name “Andrew Sinclair” (without quotes), and I was able to get the number one spot with only a couple of inbound links. In a couple days an SEO could bring a page to the number one result for “Seymour Hersh”, just at the peak of his popularity.