My complaint-happy neighbor is finally moving out after almost three long years of tiptoeing to avoid notes like this, but I too will soon be leaving for greener pastures (not going far, but the grass is greener and the subways are faster on the other side of the Charles River).
The internet rarely behaves like the physical world, but I recently moved my very active discussion board site to a new physical location in San Diego. I only recently discovered that the site used to be in Texas, and before that in Washington.
In internet terms, I’m probably a bad neighbor. The site isn’t quite big enough for a dedicated host, which means I’m sharing the host with some other sites and probably using way more than my fair share of the common areas.
I thought it might be interesting to see what other types of sites were my new neighbors in terms of IP addresses. I don’t know whether a similar IP address means a particular site is on the same server. Does anyone know? In any case, it seems Law School Discussion has some strange new neighbors: Oshkosh Cheese Sales & Storage (crashes mozilla) (under construction since 1999) Bird-Zerk: The Recycling Bird Feeder Law School Discussion Robertsville Volunteer Fire Company (doesn’t work) Integrated Imagination (imagine if they integrated flash instead of sending people to a 2 minute download) Robbie Burns Memorial Supper & Poetry Slam (finally something interesting)