Still spreading the ‘haps of Park Drive… check out my mattress picture on Now that baseball season is in full swing (I think it’s in full swing, but I wouldn’t really know), the streets in the Fenway tend to be crowded with fans. Yesterday I saw someone peeing in our front yard. It was kind of wierd because I just happened to glance out the window, and he happened to glance in the window. Neither of us was happy to see the other. Still, I’d rather people pee in the front yard than leave trash in it – there’s too much litter on my street.
I’ve had a couple chances this week to explore Jamaica Plain a little bit. I must say, it’s a beautiful neighborhood. There are lots of old victorian houses, most of which are in excellent condition. The population is ethnically diverse, and there seems to be a real sense of community. On of the clinical instructors in my “unit” at work, Art Johnson, gave a tour on Wednesday of the area and provided a lot of insight into city planning and JP history. He even pointed out a single family house that was built to conform with local zoning regulations, but that should have been a muti-unit building since it was so close to the subway (and was on a street full of muti-unit buildings). Just the sort of thing my anti-sprawl book pointed out as a major planning problem.