Neighborhood Profiling

I recently discovered that I am the victim of neighborhood profiling. Claritas has thought up all sorts of categories of people based on their consumer habits, and they’ve applied these to neighborhoods (as defined by zip codes).
Those living in my neighborhood are likely to be “College Town Singles” or “Bohemian Singles & Couples”. MSN’s syndication of Claritas seems to have slightly different results, but MSN shows percentages. Apparently “Towns & Gowns” are likely to buy an electric blanket and join a health club. Bohemian’s are likely to buy $100+ jeans and “do painting, drawing”. I don’t think I fit clearly in either category, though I do use an ATM card, which is a characteristic of both groups. (Who doesn’t use an ATM card?)
As fun as it is to see how a marking company defines one’s zip code, I think it would be more interesting if there were quiz that would show which category actually fits me best. Does the marketers’ vision of me correlate to my self-image? Does my TiVo think I’m gay?
My favorite Claritas category has to be “Shotguns and Pickups”. (It’s #51. Claritas doesn’t like the direct link.) They’re careful to justify the title so as not to offend anyone. “The segment known as Shotguns & Pickups came by its moniker honestly: it scores near the top of all lifestyles for owning hunting rifles and pickup trucks.”

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