Natural Sounding Ringtones

No amount of signs or verbal warnings will prevent cell phones from occasionally ringing at inappropriate times. There is something inherently annoying about cell phones ringing in class or movie theaters. This probably results from the fact that the ringing sounds themselves are intended to disrupt – to alert the owner that “hey – someone’s calling.”
The vibrating alert was a great idea, but for some reason people still leave their ringers on (not to mention that phones like to perform a noisy dance when vibrating on a hard surface). I have a new proposal: the natural sound ringtone.
Lecture halls, movie theaters, presidential dinners… these are not devoid of sound. The trick is to find a natural sound and emulate it. The owner of the phone will grow accustomed to the unique ringtone of his or her phone, but others in the room will hear something familiar and natural: the shuffling of papers or the squeaking of a chair. Seasonal variations could be made available too: birds chirping in the spring, a person coughing in the winter.
The natural sound ringtone could even have military applications. It’s the camouflage of ringtones.
Okay so I guess this idea isn’t all that new (or practical really). Thomas Dolby endorsed bird chirping ringtones almost a year ago, and indeed it appears several people have already thought of… the farting phone.

One thought on “Natural Sounding Ringtones”

  1. Not a bad idea at all. The next step is to devise a plan for hiding the sound of the people who answer the phone in places the phone should not be answered. Perhaps a baseball bat should be involved.

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